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Advanced robotics and turn-key, custom-designed automation solutions for the automotive industry.

Global expertise

For nearly three decades, Promation has established itself as a leader in advanced robotics and turnkey, custom-designed automation solutions catering to the automotive industry, including electrical vehicle EV manufacturers.

Our expertise spans from integrating robotics for automotive assembly lines to optimizing material handling and implementing AGVs for OEMs. Additionally, our capabilities extend to designing specialized robotic manufacturing cells and assembly build lines tailored to the unique needs of OEM and Tier 1 clients.  At Promation, we pride ourselves on providing straightforward solutions for complex manufacturing processes.

By Embracing automation, our solutions enhance efficiency, reduce cost, and improve overall production quality for our clients.

"We are very happy to work with you again! As you promised, Promation assigned the best person for this project and our team worked together well with your team. Please convey our message for deep appreciation for your team."

 Y.M. - Sr. Regional Sales Manager, Yaskawa Motoman  

Robotic integration and capabilities

Reduce manual applications with assembly dial tables, robotic and conveyor build lines, smart system integration and custom-designed robotics to be cost-effective and reliable for high-speed assembly.

Bumper-to-bumper experience

Promation offers a complete line of service to the automotive industry, streamlining their assembly process to accelerate their throughput, improve their productivity and reduce their costs.

Walking the line with clients to evaluate optimal processes to achieve maximum efficiency

Automotive capabilities

Looking for the best way to integrate automation? We can walk the line with you and evaluate the best processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Robots install automotive car seats on a Tesla assembly line.

Front Seat Install

A large automotive EV OEM needed a better method of installing car seats.

Automated Buffer Bumper Storage

The customer now has an uninterrupted production cycle with no mould change downtime, reduced manpower, reduced part handling damage and significant space savings.

Tire Stack Handling System

Promation designed, built, installed and started up the system within a tight timeframe to full customer satisfaction.

Automotive Seats Conveyor System

Our client, a global automotive seat manufacturer, required an assembly build line conveyor system with all the testing equipment to meet their growing business demands. Our customer had to triple their seat capacity production within a very limited timeframe.

Honda engine delivery system

Promation installed a new engine-moving assembly line in just 10 days.


As a global leader in advanced automotive automation, Promation carries the ISO 9001 and meets all local regulatory requirements.

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