The Promation Difference

Partnering with Promation

For three decades, Promation has delivered automation solutions for clients in highly regulated industries around the globe. We offer best-in-class robotics, engineering expertise and turn-key solutions that respond to your complex challenges.

It’s in our DNA

What makes us different from other automation companies?

Our four pillars of excellence: credibility, professional integrity, service and quality assurance, along with our proven ability to innovate at any stage of a project.

1. Credibility

With decades of success in highly regulated industries, and a robust supply chain of vendors that meet our own high standards, Promation delivers high-quality products and solutions backed by third-party accredited certifications and registrations. We’re more than a supplier: our team functions as a true partner by actively engaging in a wide range of industries including nuclear, automotive, aerospace and defence and more.

2. Integrity

We recognize that we serve industries with critical and sensitive infrastructure, and that our products deeply impact your success and, in some cases, your very lives. That’s why we work hard to earn your confidence through transparency and accountability, collaborating and adapting to develop best-in-class solutions.
Our corporate culture is customer-centric, built on value, security and trust.

3. Service

We view our role as a supportive partner to our clients, creating an optimal customer experience at every step. Our holistic approach transcends the traditional vendor/customer relationship as we work together, share our insights and make recommendations. As a partner, we encourage our clients to become involved in the complete project cycle: to offer input, discuss concerns and participate in the process. With Promation, you can expect:

  • A responsive team that answers your calls
  • Comprehensive and speedy proposals
  • Well-defined costs, delivery expectations and terms
  • Complete, expert solutions on time and on budget
  • Full After-Sales Support and Service
  • 4. Quality Assurance

    We ensure that quality is at the heart of everything that we do. All of our components are designed and built to our strict requirements, and our Quality Assurance team is highly experienced in verifying quality manufacturing. Our world-class Quality Program Accreditations include: CSA N285.0 – CSA N286 – CSA B51 – CSA N299.1 – ISO9001. Our clients can count on the highest standards:

  • All equipment calibrated by ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Labs
  • Environmentally Controlled Lab (temperature and humidity)
  • Full-Time Dedicated Inspectors (for impartiality)
  • Highly Skills Inspectors with Minimum 15 Years’ Experience
  • Innovation at our core

    As engineers, we understand how to navigate technical uncertainties. What’s more, our streamlined R&D process helps our clients find innovative ways to solve challenges. We are catalysts, incubators and translators of complex situations, supporting our customers in their search for optimal industry applications.

    Safety is job one

    On every job, at every site, safety lies at the core of who we are as a company. All our employees receive OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety Training). Informed by nearly three decades in the highly regulated nuclear industry, our approach to safety ensures a healthy and safe environment, whether work is being done under our own roof,
    or yours.

    Peerless project management

    Thanks to our ability to support the entire design/build process, when you choose to work with Promation, you’re partnering with a team that works with you to establish clear deliverables, milestones, critical paths and key processes.
    This ensures outcomes meet and exceed your expectations, on time and on budget every time.

    Our 5-step process

    1: Planning

    Promation works with your internal teams to identify project requirements and deliver the best solution using the latest technology:

    • Define project requirements

    • Develop project plan

    • Establish budget

    • Proposal project schedule

    2: Exploratory design

    During step two, Promation engineers begin exploring design concepts based on your unique specs and requirements:

    • Collaborate with your teams to understand technical requirements and environment

    • Analyze specific needs and determine logistics

    • Develop early conceptual system design

    • Present design concept for approval

    3: Detailed Design

    Next, we move on to a more thorough design exploration to nail down
    details, including CAD modelling for
    proof-of-concept purposes.

    • Construct model

    • Execute engineering analysis

    • Conduct risk analysis

    • Present critical design review

    4: Prototyping

    Step four involves prototyping your solution prior to installation to ensure proper fit, allow for low-cost testing and make design tweaks as needed.

    • Create drawings and data sheets

    • Build prototype

    • Undertake validation testing

    • Provide client demonstrations

    • Implement any changes as required

    5: Production

    Finally, your automation solution goes into full production, including installation and follow-up service.

    • Manufacture final automation solution

    • Deliver turn-key installation

    • Complete final on-site inspection

    • Provide training on operation and maintenance

    • Supply post-project service and troubleshooting

    • Recommend upgrades and retrofits as needed

    Promation oversees every aspect throughout the lifecycle of the process, ensuring control over scope, schedule, budget, quality and communication.

    How can we help you?

    Ask us how automation can help you boost production, grow your business and boost ROI.