Automation for the Food & Beverage industry

Cut costs and grow ROI with Promation.

Cutting costs through increased efficiency is critical for success amongst our food and beverage clients. Rather than cut down on the quality of raw food ingredients, smart companies are finding new ways to produce high-quality products at high volumes through the power of automation.

The Promation difference

Whether you’re packing coffee beans, sorting vegetables or packing perishables, Promation has an automation solution to help you do it faster and more efficiently. Thanks to our deep experience in automation and robotics, Promation offers numerous ways to contain costs, while helping food companies scale, without sacrificing quality or food safety.

If you need support in preparing bulk food items or packing and shipping finished goods for sale, our systems can help you be more efficient, agile, and sanitary, by removing manual labour from the process.

Why choose Promation as your F&B solutions provider

Promation’s size, experience and manufacturing ability can help automate production lines of any size. Our engineers work with you to craft custom solutions expertly tailored to your unique product offerings. Ask us about:

Material handling

Product assembly solutions

Flex feeding


Case Packing


And much more

Whether you need engineering, robotics or consulting services, Promation can help you find the right way to boost production and ROI. From automated palletizing applications to case packing, Promation builds custom robotic solutions for projects of every size and scope.

Food & Beverage capabilities

Promation offers automation solutions that can be tailored for companies operating in virtually every aspect of the food and beverage industry, including:

Tea and coffee

Dairy packaging

Bottling and filling


Snacks and confectionary

Condiment packaging

Prepared foods

Let us show you the value of automation