Vision Guidance And Inspection Systems

Lighting the way to serious ROI

Promation is your machine vision expert. With expertise in R&D and real-world Industrial applications, our teams push the limits of what’s possible for vision-guided robotics.

With deep experience borne from decades in automation for the automotive and nuclear industries, we’ve developed the skills and know-how you need to achieve your business goals—pick-and-place systems, part inspection and selection, barcode scanning and much more.

A cobot with vision capabilities hangs above an assembly line.

Innovation at work—the Promation Vision Lab

The cornerstone of our machine vision practice, the Promation Vision Lab is used for the testing of customers’ applications to minimize a risk of miscalculation and reduce delivery time. The Vision Lab is for training and strengthening our internal teams, and for demonstrating vision solutions to our customers prior to placing an order. 

For our clients, the Vision lab offers an opportunity to set up a real-world challenge in the lab, and allows Promation to innovate a solution, and undertake proof-of-concept studies without shutting down your assembly line. The Vision lab lets us test:

  • Cameras—optimizing the camera type and specification for the application
  • Lighting—how does light in your facility affect your application
  • Lensing—does your solution require macro- or micro-lensing
  • Filtering—how will filtering impact your vision application

  • Plastic fan propeller 3D printing process

    Industry 4.0—industrial applications

    Thanks to our experience in vision and robotics, Promation offers numerous industrial applications for clients looking to ramp up production, reduce their reliance on manual labour and lower their overall costs. We offer:

  • Robot positional offset technology
  • Vision-guided 3D printing
  • Vision-guided pick-and-place
  • Laser scanning of components
  • Test and Inspection for shape, size, position, feature or defect presence
  • Seam tracking
  • Melt pool measurement for welding and additive manufacturing
  • Much more
  • Cobot with Vision for Auto Tray Unloading

    How to improve production efficiency and reduce operator risk of injury in a repetitive, consistent load/unload operation.

    Fully integrated vision and laser scanning solutions

    Ask Promation how our expertise in vision or laser scanning can help you. We integrate vision and laser scanning into our robotics systems. Robotics with vision and laser scanning can be a stand-alone system or integrated with a larger assembly or automated system provided by Promation. We offer a complete portfolio under one roof:


    for all industrial applications


    for all ranges of vision


    to control the atmosphere in your plant

    Vision software

    customizable to your unique specifications

    Laser scanning

    of components, measurement

    Certifications and affiliations

    • Certified Vision Professional
    • CVP Basic
    • CVP Advanced
    • Association for Advancing Automation

    Interested in machine vision? Ask us to shed some light on your challenges.