Automation for the spark of life

Promation Life Sciences

Promation offers our customers a cross-section of competencies typically not collectively encountered in the traditional Life Sciences supply chain offering — experience in both nuclear and pharmaceutical automation.

If you need an innovative approach to streamlining compliant pharmaceutical production, our team brings a fresh perspective and holistic approach to meet your challenges.

You envision it. We build it.

From large-scale pharma production to entrepreneurial start-ups, Promation can scale an automation solution depending on your needs. What’s more, thanks to our deep experience and success in regulated industries, our solutions draw on teams from across our capabilities groups to find a fully compliant solution that fits, every time.

A fresh perspective on life-saving equipment

Unlike other product-focussed automation companies, Promation offers end-to-end support for the design, production and manufacture of medical devices. We work with you to understand your concepts and designs, then develop the best way to maximize production and minimize labour and costs.

Case study:

Mobile Ventilator

When the going gets critical, Promation gets going. Learn how we built a functioning ventilator prototype in three days, in response to the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

Case study:

An innovative approach to radiopharma

By coupling our automation and nuclear experience, Promation is driving radiopharma with technology that allows the irradiation of materials in CANDU reactors to create the medical isotope used in diagnostics and cancer treatment.

Case study:

Cobot with Vision Capabilities

How to improve production efficiency and reduce operator risk of injury in a repetitive, consistent load/unload operation.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Promation team for their engineering expertise and generous support. Prototypes like this often take months or years to develop. The Promation team worked almost around the clock to develop this version in just two weeks.”

Dr. Azad Mashari // Anesthetist and University Health Network (UHN). lead researcher

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