Cobot with Vision Capabilities

How to improve production efficiency and reduce operator risk of injury in a repetitive, consistent load/unload operation.

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The Challenge

Safety and wellbeing is essential in any industry and is a strong focus for Life Sciences. Our client came to us with a concern about both the efficiency level of their process and the need to prevent repetitive-strain injuries in their workers. Radiopharmaceutical products in lead containers weighing between 1kg and 2kg were being manually loaded and unloaded to a carrying tote on a cart and then wheeled to a production conveyor. They needed an automated solution.

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The Solution

Promation’s Cobot solution combines human and robotic capabilities through a Motoman HC10 Collaborative robot, integrated with a Cognex colour camera. The operator starts the sequence for automatic loading, facilitating accurate picking and the identification of rejects, with little to no production stoppage. The camera’s scanning capabilities determine the varying part type and product location within the tote.

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The Benefit

Promation’s solution solves both process inefficiencies and protects worker health. Since Cobot requires no safety enclosure, it lowers the cost of the system without sacrificing the safety of workers working with the Cobot. This solution provides the customer with a continuously operating system that requires no breaks, no sick days, and is programmable for any new product variants for the future.

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