What We Provide

Promation takes a holistic approach to the needs of our customers in any industry. We build strong partnerships with our clients, based on fairness and respect, and we value their loyalty. Our strict protocols ensure quality products and services, backed by full and continuous support. Ask us how we can resolve your challenges and escalate your business success with tailored solutions that meet your requirements, improve your processes and boost your profitability.

Our capabilities

3D mock-ups

Let Promation prove your ROI, before implementation. Producing 3D mock-ups helps evaluate numerous characteristics of a proposed automation solution—without having to make costly adjustments after the fact. Mock-ups allow us to test possible outcomes and determine whether or not a proposed automation tool will do the job it was intended for.

3D printing

Promation’s 3D printing system development services offer solutions for high-value applications with industry-leading quality and lower-than-expected operating costs for numerous industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear and Defence Industries.

 Our 3D printing services include:

  • New applications development
  • Specialized 3D printing systems
  • Complete robotic manufacturing systems
  • On-site repair and featurization equipment
  • Real-time process monitoring and control with a closed loop feedback
  • Process simulation
  • High-precision equipment and software intelligence for better microstructure and mechanical properties
  • Continuous customer support

Advanced manufacturing technology

Promation uses innovative advanced manufacturing technologies on all our projects for clients in any industry. Whether you’re building car parts, developing nuclear isotopes or packing coffee, let Promation push your performance and strengthen your bottom line. Our teams work with you to analyze and assess your production lines by taking a system-wide approach to help develop an automated, robotic solution that optimizes your processes and boosts your profitability.

Arc welding automation

Why automate your weld applications? Automated and arc welding applications increase speed, precision and quality, with precise, smooth movements that can be programmed to your exact specifications. Ask us about fixed and flexible automation for single or complex assemblies.

Assembly systems

Whether you’re building door panels, gas pedals or truck axles, Promation’s decades of experience ensures that you get the assembly system you need to save time and increase ROI. Our experts partner with you to understand your challenges and design an assembly system to see them through to the finish line.

Automated guided vehicles

A Promation-designed AGV system can be updated and reconfigured easily to adapt to new products or manufacturing processes.

Automated storage and retrieval systems

Known as ASRS or AS/RS, automated storage and retrieval systems automatically place and retrieve goods from storage locations anywhere in your facility. Expect speed, precision and accurate movement with a Promation-designed system, backed by three decades of manufacturing expertise.

Build-to-print manufacturing

Promation build-to-print services let you supply us with drawings and specs about your manufacturing project, so our teams can deliver parts and systems to your exact specifications. Our solutions are flexible, adaptable and scalable, with all capabilities, procurement and logistics housed under one roof—ours. Ask us about CNC machining, plasma and water jet cutting, flux-core, metal core, MIG, TIG and aluminum welding and more.

Case packing

Promation is your one-stop shop for custom case packing solutions. Whether your challenge is sealing, labelling, wrapping or all of the above, our engineers work with you to create an automated solution that speeds up the process and cuts down on costly manual labour. No matter how much or how little space you have to work with, we can help. Ask how a custom robotic solution can transform the way you pack cases of any height or size, at any feed rate.

 Our automated case-packing services include:

  • Full line of conventional or robotic top load
  • Side load intermittent motion case packers
  • Solutions for multiple products, cases and tray types

Controls system integration

Our wide range of capabilities and technical expertise is the foundation for system integration capacity: from concepting, development, design, procurement, manufacturing with assembly and testing to the final installation of highly complex systems. The systems may consist of custom or off-the-shelf robotics, AGVs, conveyors, transfers, labellers, laser printers, pick and place, specialty tooling and a multitude of specialty devices required by the customer process.

Conveyance material handling

The cornerstone of any assembly line, Promation’s expertise in conveyance material handling includes installations of powered roller conveyors, belt conveyors, inverted monorails and more. If you’ve got bulky items to move, we’ve got the goods to move them. We offer all the benefits of high-quality robotic solutions including fixed conveyors, lift assists, balancers and carriers to deliver flawless conveyance, safety, and ergonomics for your parts transfer operations. For our clients, that means more autonomy, better efficiency and improved ROI.

Flexible manufacturing cells

Promation are experts at designing, testing and installing scalable manufacturing cells to speed up the manufacturing process. Ask us how customized manufacturing cells can reduce your reliance on manual labour, increase the accuracy of your lines, and free up staff for more involved tasks.

Functional testing

Does your application or system do what it was designed for? Promation has the answer. Functional testing is all about finding out how a system works in relation to the people who will use it. Such tests are concerned with what your system or application does, not how it is built or what’s going on inside each component. Let our teams test your applications for you, while you focus on keeping your business humming.

In-house manufacturing and fabrication

Whether you need a complete robotic adaption for an existing manufacturing line, design and development of a new assembly plant, or a replacement part for an existing automation installation, Promation has your solution—all under one roof. We customize best-in-class automation solutions, supported by a team of experienced PLC designers and engineering professionals who strive for performance and excellent workmanship on every part and piece we assemble or manufacture.

Machine tending

Watch productivity go up and labour costs go down, with an expertly designed machine tending system. Ask about loading and unloading applications, part inspections, sorting, packaging and more. Across the board, Promation delivers solutions to increase your operational flexibility and boost ROI.

Manufacturing replacement parts

Nothing lasts forever, which is why our customers trust our expertise to reverse-engineer and manufacture obsolete mechanical parts. Our teams work with you to study your equipment and how it works, before modelling, testing and producing the replacement parts you need to get back up and running.


No two companies are alike. Which means that no two companies have the same palletizing needs. Promation partners with industrial clients to study their requirements and create fully integrated solutions to streamline case packing, increase accuracy and solve ergonomic challenges. Plus, with options for responding rapidly to product updates and packaging changes, our automated palletizing solutions can grow right along with you.

 Our in-house palletizing options include:

  • Robotic arms
  • Standard and custom end-of-arm tooling Integrated software and machine controls
  • PLC-based solutions
  • Modular solutions with compact footprints
  • Single case, row or layer handling
  • Mixed load
  • Simulation software


Backed by decades of engineering experience, Promation offers industry-leading pick-and-place options with either robotic or conventional technology. No matter the size or type of product you’re dealing with, our teams work with you to figure out the best way to move it through the manufacturing process. From design, to prototyping to installation, our units are tailored to your unique specifications, and produced using high-quality components. Ask how a Promation pick-and-place solution can help reduce your footprint, make your lines more adaptable, and speed up repeatable actions during assembly.

 Our pick-and-place solutions include:

  • Small footprint units
  • Large systems that serve multiple operations
  • Automotive machine loading
  • End-of-line applications [palletizing]

Proof of concept/Principle testing

Proof of concept, or principle testing, is a critical step when developing a new tool or assembly for your company or line. Our preliminary study includes engineering analysis, material suitability and planning for testing, ensuring quality control for the final manufacturing. Developing a prototype allows us to test and evaluate tools and assemblies in real time, to uncover any deficiencies or adjustments that need to be made before the final build.


Energize your business with the power of robotics. Promation’s expertise and innovation can evaluate your needs and provide customized robotic solutions that meet the precision and speed demands of medium to high mix production volumes.

 Our robotic services include:

  • Space-efficient, cost-effective and easily installed automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to transport products and parts within a plant
  • 7th Axis robot integration to achieve enhanced moveability in any direction by mounting a fixed robot to a track
  • Bin-picking robotics applications that allow a robot to source and select parts and materials
  • Robotic systems for conveyor line tracking to reduce manual input and improve accuracy, safety and speed

Testing systems

Promation leverages our cross-industry experience to design, develop and produce testing devices that get you the data you need, when you need it. Whether it’s a simple stand-alone vision station, or a series of functional and non-destructive tests interlaced into an automated cell, Promation has the in-depth understanding of the best methods available to suit your unique specs. Our testing capabilities include stand-alone vision inspection stations, vision system integrations, torque monitoring, sound testing, motor testing and more.

Tool commissioning

Can’t find the right tool for an assembly line? No problem. Let the experts at Promation design, test and manufacture the tools you need for the job at hand. Our systems involve design and exploration using advanced 3D printing techniques to find deficiencies and efficiencies before implementation, saving you money and paving the way to solid ROI.

Vision systems

Automatically guide your manufacturing processes with machine vision systems that use digital imagery to calculate the area, length or position of any piece or part you assemble. With services that include go/no testing, quality control and capturing plant-wide data to facilitate whole system improvements, ask us how to enhance the accuracy and speed of your production lines.

Let us show you the value of automation