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System Integration – Industry 4.0

Promation’s wide range of capabilities, technical expertise and over a quarter-century of experience is the foundation for System Integration capacity at the company. The Integration includes all of our work for concepting, development, design, procurement, manufacturing with assembly and testing, and finally installation of highly effective Automated Integrated Systems.

Our capabilities include superb

The systems may consist of custom or off-the-shelf industrial robotics, AGVs, conveyors, transfers, labellers, laser printers, pick and place, specialty tooling, testers and multitude or specialty devices required by the customer process.

Close up of the BWXT Line

Promation’s automated systems are based on advanced controls; and they are capable of getting the customer’s valuable process data. In the age of Industry 4.0, manufacturers must keep up with technological advances to stay competitive. Promation integrates multiple control platforms and countless electronic devices into one effective integrated control, which, in turn, reduces costs, improves quality, and increases productivity, facilitating smooth operational processes for maximum efficiency.

Engineer applying appropriate wiring for effective system design

Promation’s expertise in control system design and integration allows us to deliver winning solutions across a wide span of industries. We carefully evaluate our clients’ ecosystems to recommend the best approach and leverage modern techniques to expand throughput.

The integration of information and operational technologies, or the IT/OT convergence, blends physical processes with hardware and software to create an effective control system, with the flexibility to respond to future developments. Controls integration establishes seamless HMI and SCADA processes, with a secure and accessible system for operators, while PLC capabilities can be customized for each client’s specific needs. With years of experience in drives and motion control systems, we can keep your operations running at optimum capacity.

Our engineers take safety standards, environmental regulations and technological trends into full consideration. Security, scalability and flexibility are key to our designs; and our control system solutions both protect your data and facilitate seamless upgrades as your processes evolve. Our team is ready to help you invest in a reliable, integrated control system that will maximize your productivity and prepare you for the future of technological evolution.

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