Automotive Seats Conveyor System

Our client, a global automotive seat manufacturer, required an assembly build line conveyor system with all the testing equipment to meet their growing business demands. Our customer had to triple their seat capacity production within a very limited timeframe.

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The Challenge

For the fast delivery needed to meet their customers’ demands, we had to use proven engineering practices to create the assembly build line process. The solution would require standard-base pallets with customer-specific pallet tooling for the different model seat frame variations; and multi variations running on one line had to be done with tracking and data capture.

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The Solution

Promation used designed modular build lines for quick installation and start-up, with the flexibility to redeploy or reconfigure for a new program down the road. We installed modern controls with all RFID tracking of pallets through the build stations, Cognex camera systems to ensure quality builds, and robots to load and unload the line, as well as being used for auto torque and steam cell applications.

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The Benefit

The Promation solution improved our customer’s overall production rate and overall quality checks for the seats. It also reduced the number of repairs and lost time fixing seats, with overall cost savings per seat and fewer workplace injuries.

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