February 3

Front Seat Install

A large automotive EV OEM needed a better method of installing car seats.

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The Challenge

A large automotive EV OEM asked Promation to develop a fully automated front seat install system for their assembly line. There hasn’t been a similar application in North America.

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The Solution

Promation developed the concept for the fully robotic system, which met all the customer’s requirements for the tact time and system tight floor space requirements. One robot picks the driver seat, and one robot picks the front passenger seat, from a fixtured pallet. The robot places seats precisely in the install position with the help of the Cognex vision system. Two smaller robots pick fasteners from a feed line, and they secure the seat with the Atlas Copco nut-runner to the required torque. Front seats have to be reclined in order to pass the front door opening. The seats’ recliners are restored to the normal position for the install. Promation connected power and control to the car seat automatically.

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The Benefit

Promation delivered and installed the system to the customer within the scheduled time. The system proved reliable and effective. The customer showcased the system worldwide to make a point about their highly productive plant.

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