Case study: Honda assembly line

Installing a new engine-moving assembly line in 10 days

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The challenge

Honda Canada needed a more efficient way to move engines within their facility. What’s more, they needed it installed in only 10 days, to keep downtime at a minimum.

The Promation solution

Working with the team at Honda to properly understand their needs and challenges, we proposed a side-by-side rack handling system. This system could unload engines from the rack system, then take them to an upper conveyor, to deliver the engines to the vehicles under assembly.

What we delivered

In order to minimize Honda’s downtime, Promation delivered and installed a full-functional side-by-side rack system in under 10 days. For Honda, this meant production levels could be maintained with minimal disruption to production, and ROI.

“Promation is an excellent company with a very robust program in place.”

Anthony Galati // Program Manager CANIAC (5)


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