How advanced manufacturing & automation can reduce costs of nuclear power generation while maintaining its advantages

Join Nick as he visits Oakville to chat with Darryl Spector, P.Eng., PMP, President of Promation, and Bharath Nangia, Co-Founder and CEO of Nuclear Promise X (NPX). Promation, founded in 1995, is an industrial automation company with a long history of automotive work. NPX, founded in 2018, uses advanced software to find efficiencies in nuclear refurbishment activities. As Ontario continues to demand more low-emitting electricity, there will be a continued need for nuclear power. While it’s a time-tested and reliable technology, producing the complex components needed to keep these plants running safely will require the latest in advanced manufacturing technology (such as automation). Both guests agree that, through continued collaboration between veteran industry professionals and continuous communication with the nuclear industry regulator, it can be done. Have a listen.



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