Medical Isotope Packing Line

A Large Tier 1 Medical Isotope producer  approached Promation to create a fully automated and robust packing system for their isotope packing line.

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The Challenge

The global demand for medical isotopes to diagnose and treat disease is constantly growing. With a time-sensitive lifespan, it is critical that these isotopes are processed, packaged and shipped as quickly as possible, while also protecting workers by reducing radiation dose and improving ergonomics. Traditional manual packaging practices limit the speed of the throughput, impacting patients around the world. Promation was approached to develop a more efficient method.

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The Solution

By applying robotic automation, Promation built a process that is fast, robust and reliable. The solution eliminates repetitive-motion injuries, particularly where the generators are very heavy to manipulate. With an interplay of vision systems and robotic automation, as well as overall database management of all the information streams, the production line is kept flowing in real time.

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The Benefit

The new packaging line for medical isotopes resulted in a pace approximately 10 to 20 times faster than would be possible with manual operators. Working around the clock, it significantly accelerates the effective delivery of these vital isotopes. Promation’s nuclear pedigree, with a strong background in robotic automation and state-of-the-art technology, delivered a fully automated, complex packaging line, tested on site to ensure its successful operation over the long term.

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