Bruce Power Celebrates Delivery Of Reactor Maintenance Platform For Major Component Replacement Project

TIVERTON, ON – July 16, 2020 – Today, Bruce Power, Shoreline Power Group, Promation Nuclear, and Laveer Engineering celebrated the innovation and delivery of a new re-usable, multi-unit Reactor Maintenance Platform.

This Ontario-made platform, which was developed jointly by Promation Nuclear and Laveer Engineering for Shoreline Power Group, will provide access to all 480 fuel channels, spanning the width of the reactor face and will support several Major Component Replacement (MCR) activities as part of Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program. Shoreline Power Group will be performing Fuel Channel and Feeder Replacement (FCFR) Scope which is a key part of the Unit 6 MCR project.

“We are in the fourth year of our Life-Extension Program and are at an exciting point in our journey to ensuring clean, reliable energy for Ontario until 2064 with our first MCR project well underway,” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO, Bruce Power. “Through a commitment to quality and passion for excellence, we will collaborate with Promation and all of our supplier partners to successfully complete our project while managing COVID concerns and bringing widespread economic growth to the province of Ontario at a time when it’s desperately needed.”

The MCR project, launched in January on the Unit 6 reactor at the Bruce B generating station, is the centrepiece of the Life-Extension Program for Unit 6. Bruce Power’s Life

Extension Program, which began in 2016, will be performed on Units 3 through 8, and will continue well into the next decade. When completed, the Life Extension Program will ensure the company continues to produce carbon-free, low-cost and reliable electricity and medical isotopes through 2064.

“I congratulate Promation and Laveer Engineering for successfully delivering the Reactor Maintenance Platform to Shoreline. This is one of the key components providing a safe access to the reactor face for our trades,” said Thomas Clochard, SVP and Executive Lead Aecon Nuclear.

“We are excited to arrive at this point in the project to see the Reactor Maintenance Platform shipped to Bruce Power in these unprecedented times,” said Darryl Spector, President of Promation Nuclear. “As the most recent accomplishment in a series of successful collaborations, the Promation and Laveer teams again worked together seamlessly to achieve this significant milestone. Our employees take great pride in the quality of their work, and we look forward to helping Shoreline Power Group and Bruce Power achieve their goals of being on time and on budget with this project, which is so important to the people of Ontario.”

“The nuclear sector continues to be the gold standard in providing reliable power and community leadership – in Huron-Bruce and across the province,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce, and the Minister of Government and Consumer Services. “As Ontario’s Minister responsible for ensuring the government supply chain delivers simpler, faster, better services to Ontarians, today’s milestone in the MCR program is particularly exciting to see.”

Spector said the investment by Bruce Power through Shoreline Power Group enabled continued business confidence at Promation Nuclear during the pandemic and allowed the Oakville-based custom design and manufacturing firm to focus on ongoing continued operations and also to assist with retooling to help Ontario battle the pandemic.

“Industry is the backbone of our economy. The Life-Extension Program at Bruce Power, with contributions from the nuclear supply chain, including Oakville-based Promation, will create and sustain 22,000 direct and indirect jobs annually, while creating $4 billion in annual economic benefit to Ontario and secure Ontario’s nuclear advantage today and for the future,” said Stephen Crawford, Parliamentary Assistant to the Honourable Laurie Scott, Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure, and Member of Provincial Parliament for Oakville.

In May, Promation Nuclear, which is a member of the Retooling and Economic Recovery Council, unveiled a low-cost ventilator in response to the potential of a sudden surge in demand because of COVID-19 or other future emergencies. The ventilator was produced in collaboration with scientists and industry experts at University Health Network, University of Toronto, and Mackenzie Innovation Institute to develop the ventilators. The design can be easily mass produced, and the company is sharing its knowledge with other teams globally.

This project made sense for Laveer, according to Peter Gowthorpe, Director at Laveer Engineering.

“Teaming with Promation for the platform allowed each of the companies to focus on their core business and provide an exceptional product in a timely fashion,” Gowthorpe said. “The value for the end customer is drastically improved where two companies are willing to work together and focus on their strengths.”

Laveer pulled together the requirements from the different work groups using the platform and developed a detailed specification. This specification formed the basis of the design and with it Laveer was able to design and analyze a platform that is compatible with both Bruce A and B MCR work.

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Nuclear Promation Nuclear is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality tooling, automation, and robotic systems. With a strong commitment to excellence and strict conformance to quality management programs, Promation employs nimble and effective Project Management, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing expertise to successfully deliver custom equipment and engineered turnkey systems on time and on budget, while catering to the unique quality and safety requirements of the nuclear industry.

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Established in 2013, Laveer Engineering Ltd, a CSA N299.1-16 compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, brings more than 28 years of experience in the power generation and engineered tooling business. Laveer has extensive experience in the development of first of a kind (FOAK) custom tooling and equipment and excels at complicated design projects and our ability to manage requirements from all users is a large part of that success. Visit or Linkedin for more information.

Shoreline Power Group is a joint venture between Aecon, SNC-Lavalin and AECOM, executing the Unit 6 Fuel Channel and Feeder Replacement (FCFR) at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station. Shoreline also signed a Preferred Supplier Agreement with Bruce Power under which similar contracts could be awarded for the subsequent five units.

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