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No matter the industry, the pace of business increases day-by-day. As global competition increases, companies that rely on manual manufacturing processes risk getting left behind due to an inability to scale safely, quickly and cost-effectively. That’s why, whether it’s a stand-alone, operator-enhanced automation solution
 or a complete asynchronous assembly, Promation is here to get all your jobs done, faster.

Vertically integrated business model

Promation offers a vertically integrated business model that delivers custom-designed end-to-end automation solutions, all under one roof. With a robust supply chain and vendors who meet the exacting standards of the defence, automotive and nuclear industries among others, our teams have successfully implemented countless automation solutions that have helped our clients around the globe grow, adapt and thrive. Our team members get to know your industry, vertical and company as if it were our own, to help us deliver unparalleled solutions for your unique challenges.

Reduced dependence on manual labour

A customized automation solution for your plant or assembly line can reduce dependence on manual labour, save time on repetitive tasks, minimize downtime and a lot more.

Superior design and engineering

Whether it’s palletizing food cans or moving heavy equipment, a Promation-designed system is built on decades of design and engineering expertise.

Simplified logistics

Promation offers complete end-to-end solutions, from design and install to testing, all under one roof, with one point of contact.

Scalable services

With the right automation solution in place, your business can scale quickly by speeding up manufacturing times, decreasing downtime and shipping higher volumes of core products.

Expert quality assurance

Promation’s team of designers, engineers and robotics experts focus on superior quality and expert installs to minimize downtime, so you can focus on running your business.

Cost-effective solutions

Thanks to our vertical model, Promation saves you effort and cost, by reducing reliance on disconnected supply chains and outsourced delivery, administration and inspection costs.

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From pick-and-pack for food and beverage companies, to complete production-cycle automation for pharmaceutical manufacturers, our automation solutions cover the full spectrum of industrial scale manufacturing. We offer:

Robotic applications:

assembly, packaging, palletizing, testing for all industries

Material handling:

AGV and conveyance for tires, engines for automotive OEM

Automated assembly:

build lines for automotive Tier 1 and industry

Additive manufacturing and prototyping:

for all industries

And much more  

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