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Testing systems

Whether you’re assembling car parts, or manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear or aerospace components, a quality product always comes down to having the best test data possible. To help you get there, Promation leverages our cross-industry experience to design, develop and produce testing devices that get you the data you need, when you need it. With a custom testing solution in place, you’ll enjoy the ability to produce actionable insights that can help you improve manufacturing processes, reduce scrap and generate historical testing reports.

Integration of testing into fully automated systems

Promation can integrate specialized testers into one seamlessly working fully automated system. Our engineers can incorporate a customer’s specialized testers into 24/7 fully automated robotic systems.
Our diverse technical knowledge of electrical systems for automated testing includes electrical contact probes and plugs with lead system and the design of specialized electrical harness and electrical connections to precise electronic measurement equipment. With our knowledge of robotics and automation, we can move, sort out, handle rejects and provide data about your manufactured components. Promation can move a tester to a specific location in a challenging environment. 

What we offer

Whether you need a simple stand-alone vision test station, or a series of functional and non-destructive tests interlaced into an automated cell, Promation has the in-depth understanding of the best methods available to suit your unique specs. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Vision inspection
  • Laser scanning and measurement
  • Dimensional touch probe measurements
  • Leak testing
  • Torque monitoring
  • Sound testing in soundproof enclosure
  • Part presence and position inspection functional motor testing
  • Electrical testing, including voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, isolation
  • Pressure drop and leak test
  • Flow measurement and test
  • Gravity drop test, acceleration measurement
  • Data collection and communication
  • Specialized tests for nuclear components and systems: please check out our nuclear page
  • Other tests are available

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