Medical Isotope Secondary Packaging

A client in the field of medical isotopes required a secondary packaging system that could integrate with their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data system to facilitate planning and automatically manage the loading of canisters into shipping packaging and palletize for transport to hospitals and treatment centers. This custom packaging system project would need to follow GAMP guidelines and meet the customer’s stringent validation protocols.

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The Challenge

To provide a secondary packaging system that combines standard packaging equipment with specially designed robotic handling systems and a data management system required for heavily regulated radiopharma product.

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The Solution

Promation developed a custom designed secondary packaging system that integrated 6-axis robotic handling systems and a 4-axis servo gantry with standard case erecting, handling and labelling systems. The system includes an Ignition (Inductive Automation) based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that was specifically created for the packaging system and was set up for communication with the customer’s existing ERP data system.

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The Benefit

The customer is able to package their cancer treatment product faster, with less worker exposure to the radioactivity and with built-in safety features for handling the product.  The system can be connected to the existing site ERP for product tracking and order management.

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