Material Handling AGV System

An OEM customer generated an RFP for the design, procurement, assembly and commissioning of a material handling system to handle automotive Front End Modules (FEMs) loaded on carrier pallets between two processing stations in the vehicle assembly line.

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The Challenge

To provide a cost-effective material handling system over a very long distance in the plant, requiring a worker walkway and material handling (forklift or tuggers) to travel through the planned route of material passage.

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The Solution

Promation delivered a custom designed solution for a material handling system that utilized conveyors and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

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The Benefit

The customer was able to keep the worker and material handling aisle clear through the FEM conveyor system, while using a safe and reliable material handling AGV to move the FEM modules between systems. The AGV system utilized a new generator of AGVs instead of conventional overhead conveyors and elevators. This allowed for lower material and installation costs.

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