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Advanced manufacturing

Whether you’re building car parts, developing nuclear isotopes or packing coffee, let Promation push your performance and strengthen your bottom line through the use of innovative advanced manufacturing technology. Our teams work with you to analyze and assess your production lines by taking a system-wide approach to help develop an automated, robotic solution that optimizes your processes and boosts your profitability.

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Promation’s Industrial division offers advanced automation manufacturing services of complex products and control systems. We also design and build automated robotics systems for Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Nuclear and other industries.

Ask how a robotic approach can help you pack, pick, palletize, move or lift, faster and more accurately throughout your facility.

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Our advanced manufacturing capabilities

Proof of concept/Principle testing

Proof of concept, or principle testing is a critical step when developing a new tool or assembly for your company or line. Developing a prototype allows us to test and evaluate tools and assemblies in real-time, to uncover any deficiencies or adjustments that need to be made before the final build.

Mock-ups (and proof of concept)

Let Promation prove your ROI, before implementation. Producing 3D mock-ups helps evaluate numerous characteristics of a proposed automation solution—without having to make costly adjustments after the fact. Mock-ups allow us to test possible outcomes, and determine whether or not a proposed automation tool will do the job it was intended for.


The backbone of any robotics installation, automated pick-and-place assemblies speed up the process of picking up parts and moving them to other locations within your facility. A Promation pick-and-place solution automatically picks and places materials in your facility, reducing your reliance on manual labour, speeding up production and allowing your workers to focus on more complex and meaningful tasks.

Tool commissioning / Prototype tool testing

Can’t find the right tool for an assembly line? No problem. Let the experts at Promation design, test and manufacture the tools you need for the job at hand. Our systems involve design and exploration using advanced 3D printing techniques to find deficiencies and efficiencies before implementation, saving you money and paving the way to solid ROI.

Machine tending

Watch productivity go up and labour costs go down, with an expertly designed machine tending system. Ask about loading and unloading applications, part inspections, sorting, packaging, and more. Across the board, Promation delivers solutions to increase your operational flexibility and boost ROI. Win/win.

Arc and Spot welding automation

Why automate your weld applications? Automated spot and arc welding applications increase speed, precision and quality, with precise, smooth movements that can be programmed to your exact specifications. Ask us about fixed and flexible automation for single or complex assemblies.

Flexible manufacturing cells

From stand-alone manufacturing cells that steam fabric for car seats, or install car seats themselves, Promation are experts at designing, testing and installing scalable manufacturing cells to speed up the manufacturing process. Ask us how customized manufacturing cells can reduce your reliance on manual labour, increase the accuracy of your lines, and free up staff for more involved tasks.

Assembly systems

Whether you’re building door panels, gas pedals or truck axles, Promation’s decades of experience in automotive ensures you get the assembly system you need to save time and increase ROI. Our experts partner with you to understand your challenges and design an assembly system to see them through to the finish line.

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