Accessibility Platform Trolley (APT)

Promation Nuclear was approached to design and build a mobile work platform for work performed under the reactor during the Darlington refurbishment.

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The Challenge

As part of the Darlington Nuclear Generation Station (DNGS) Refurbishment, The client required an 8 m x 8 m remote-controlled Accessibility Platform Trolley (APT) to provide access under the calandria shield tank to inspect and replace the calandria seal. The platform would need to be broken down and installed onto the fueling duct rails through a 2 m x 3 m opening, then reconstructed into the full platform under the calandria. The APT would also need to be configurable for use as individual small platforms for work below the horizontal isolation bulkhead. Further, the APT was one of the last tools awarded in preparation for the Darlington Unit 2 refurbishment, but one of the first tools required during the RFR campaign, resulting in an a very aggressive project schedule.

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The Solution

Promation Nuclear developed remote-controlled platform modules that could be used individually or quickly assembled below the calandria shield tank to form the full 8 m x 8 m work platform. Each platform module was designed to be installed through the 2 m x 3 m opening in two pieces and reassembled on the fueling duct rails. The platform modules, as well as the fully assembled platform, were seismically qualified structures for a design basis earthquake (DBE) in accordance with CSA N289.1. Additionally, during preliminary design, Promation Nuclear identified a way to simplify the design while ensuring continued full compliance to the design requirements.

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The Benefit

Promation Nuclear drove to a design solution that met all customer needs, as well as identifying opportunities to reduce project schedule and cost. The APT was ultimately delivered successfully, ahead of schedule and under budget. The customer then successfully deployed and utilized the APT in DNGS Unit 2 RFR.

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